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Andrew Saxton and his wife Michelle, along with their son-in-law Tom, operate the Norwich studio. Originally an independent studio, Memories to Treasure, Andrew joined the Barrett & Coe franchise when the Norwich area became available in September 2022.

Andrew says, “Being a studio in Norwich already, it made sense for me to work with Barrett & Coe by combining our businesses and working together, instead of competing for the same customers should another studio open”.

Having been a postman in Cornwall for over 30 years, and Michelle working for 32 years in a Job Centre, gives them both vast experience in giving a great service to customers who come to the studio.

The studio enjoys the ongoing support and training received through regular franchise meetings with Peter Evans, Managing Director, and other franchisees. All the franchisees are keen to help each other and pass on advice and the tried and tested processes advised by Barrett & Coe” Andrew explains.

A typical studio day in Norwich for Andrew and Tom is split into shoots and views at the same time. Added to this Michelle looks after the administration and customers when they come for their photographic experience or return at a later date to collect their orders.

There are always challenges in running a business, but we find that they are usually only the normal issues we all face with rescheduling, canceling etc. I am very much looking forward to having a long-lasting relationship with the B&C “Family” that works to help each other and secure a long-term future for the studio. Based on my experience so far, it is certainly something I would do again.

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