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The Barrett & Coe Photography Franchise Opportunity began in 1995 and was founded by Andrew Coe, whose family business opened in 1854, making it one of the oldest photography businesses in the world.

Barrett & Coe operate at the upper end of the photography market offering high-quality service and products. We specialise in finding talented people with no previous experience of professional photography and train them to become very successful photographers

Passion Pleasure Profit

Due to our ongoing success and experience in training, and our unique and exclusive marketing programmes, we have requests from existing studios to start their own Barrett & Coe Photography Franchise. Consequently, this has been added to our franchise proposal.

Commitment to our franchisees is total, with an unrivalled support programme producing, on average, 60% of a franchisee’s sales.

The Barrett & Coe Photography Franchise Opportunity is a lifestyle choice of Passion, Pleasure and Profit.

This video features company founder Andrew Coe during September 2016, there have been slight alterations to the Franchise since then.

Photography Studio Bicester

Our Franchise Proposition

We are the UK’s leading contemporary portrait and wedding photography franchise.
Launched in 1995 and currently with 12 franchisees, our franchise model continues to strengthen.

What we look for in a Franchisee

  • Business minded
  • Committed to learn
  • Determined to succeed
  • Customer driven
  • Organised and disciplined
  • A strong team player

Franchise Support

  • Run your own professional photography studio within two to three months
  • Full training to take cutting-edge images
  • Studio appointments from day one
  • Excellent earnings potential


The training we give is exhaustive, and all embracing, owing to the fact that new franchisees bring an array of different and skills with them.

Our training is bespoke to each individual. Consequently, the training programme will vary greatly between different individuals but no stone is left unturned to ensure that each new franchisee reaches the very high standards we set in all the key activities:

Training mainly takes place on a one-to-one basis with the appropriate members of our team:

  • Andrew Coe – Principal and Founder
  • Peter Evans – Managing Director/Studio Owner
  • Dominic Stasi – Design and Digital Manager

The number of days training varies greatly from person to person depending upon their speed of learning and previous background.

All the above is supplemented by full days working and assisting in other franchisees studios.

Barrett & Coe photography training

Full, comprehensive training and on-going support to run your own business:

  • Photography; including lighting, posing etc.
  • Pre and post production skills and techniques
  • Business planning
  • Financial controls
  • Customer care
  • Marketing
  • Sales
Barrett & Coe family photography

The Market

Portrait and Wedding photography is a massive market. Contrary to an often-expressed opinion suggesting that digital cameras enable people to take their own family pictures, highly skilled professionals are in great demand. They are able to supply a quality experience and unique products the general public cannot replicate.

We train our franchisees to take exciting, innovative images which are presented in unique and quality frames from the finest pro-lab in the UK. The provision of wall portraits in a variety of finishes is a Barrett & Coe speciality.

Barrett & Coe are the largest group of Portrait and Wedding photographers in the UK. In areas where a franchisee is not located, we have over 60 recommended and approved studios that complement our UK-wide coverage.

Our Studios

The longest established portrait photographers in the UK with one of the first ever studios opened in the centre of Norwich in 1854. The business has continued through four generations.

Our commitment to providing the highest quality photographs and customer service means that we are the recommended photographers for several national companies (including Emma’s Diary and Activity Superstore), and many local businesses.

Each studio is usually 500 to 1,000 square feet in a secondary location, such as a trading estate, not a prime area or shopping mall. This enables costs to be kept to a reasonable level. The interior of each studio is modern, comfortable and relaxed, with exciting portrait displays. Car parking for customers is essential.

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