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During the initial stages of choosing a Barrett & Coe Photography Franchise, we receive many questions to ascertain if it’s the right opportunity for both parties to work together.

I haven’t even taken the family holiday photos, could you really train me?
During the last ten years we have trained more than 500 people with absolutely no experience to become professional photographers. The British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) recommend Barrett & Coe to anyone wishing to learn portrait or wedding photography.

Do I need to be artistic and/or creative?
If you are that’s great, but we can teach you how to become a highly successful and respected photographer regardless of your artistic talent.

I am completely un-technical and know nothing about digital or computers!
This doesn’t matter at all. Our training breaks everything down into very simple, easy to use methods and systems. Often the most untechnical people become the most creative photographers.

As a franchisee what ongoing support will I receive?
We will provide ongoing technical and marketing support, together with telephone and email support. Our aim is to be the best supported franchise network in the UK. We want to help you every step of the way and will be on-hand to give you the skills, support and encouragement to get your new business off the ground and beyond.

What is the Franchise fee and what does it include?
A Barrett & Coe Franchise costs £15,000 + vat in total – £7500 + vat upfront and £7,500 + vat spread monthly over the 5-year term of the Franchise.

The initial fee is £7,500 + vat and this includes the complete training of all aspects, activities, and skills required to run and operate a professional photography studio including:

  • Hands-on assistance when looking to acquire suitable premises and support when furnishing and branding a Barrett & Coe studio
  • Access to our national contracts, together with the rights to use the Barrett & Coe brand exclusively in your area

Please note; photography equipment, furnishings, promotional literature, and marketing materials are not included in the initial fee.

Additionally, there is a nominal charge for monthly franchise meetings. These meetings are high-powered brainstorming days that greatly assist a franchisee’s business. There is also a cost for appointments booked through our national contracts.

If I am seriously considering a franchise and have paid a deposit, may I meet existing franchisees?
Yes. Indeed, we actually insist that you spend at least a couple of days in studios with different franchisees to see exactly what it is like being a professional photographer. However, you will be required to pay a £2,000 deposit (this is fully refundable if you don’t take a franchise, less any costs incurred by us) prior to making these visits.

Franchise Process

We take a robust and thorough approach to ensure that it’s the right franchise and the right business for you. We will explain very clearly what skills are required. The process we share with you ensures that our joint partnership will be successful for both parties.

If you are seriously interested in the Barrett & Coe Photography Franchise, here are the next steps to take:

1. Have an initial telephone discussion with Jenny Plunkett, Franchise Recruitment Manager which will help you ascertain whether a Barrett & Coe Photography Franchise is suitable for you.

2. A Skype/FaceTime interview with Andrew Coe (Principal and Founder), followed by a meeting in Norwich at Barrett & Coe Head Office, to explore in detail the full extent of the franchise opportunity. If appropriate, you will be provided with a confidentially agreement and franchise application form.

3. Upon return of the application form and confidentially agreement; you will be provided a copy of the Barrett & Coe Franchise agreement which you can take to a legal advisor.

4. If both parties consider that there is a good possibility that they would like to proceed, you will be invited to pay a £2,000 + vat deposit. At this stage, there is no commitment on either side.

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